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not dead yet.

just on life support.
post some shit once in a while, people, or we’ll never be internet famous.
if you don’t know how, ask
(matt wins for having the most recent post and being a cool band type guy)

either way, here is some shit to look at:

good pictures of things to skate in minnesota.

this would be gnarly WITH full pads.

more lifeblood, more hiawatha.

keep skateboarding fun.

go read “kill the engine
by the guy from roger, always worth a look.

alright, carry on…
keep being awesome.

Does anyone even read this thing anymore? (other than luther)

Help the Bloodtypes!…buy a record or other goodies.
My band is using Kickstarter to fund the release of our first full length record and we want you!
Go to our Kickstarter page. (link below) Check out the video and donate. Only 19 days left to do so.
Thanks friends. (or just luther, as the case may be)

travel feeds the soul, local edition.

unless you’ve been hiding under a cow pie, you have been made aware that the second semi-annualish ’sconnie trip is set to depart next saturday morning. any one and every one are welcome to join.
shoot an email or plan here.
here’s the video evidence from ’sconnie trip 1.0:

travel feeds the soul.

skateboarder magazine has been doing some really unconventional but cool articles lately.
the series of videos on their amazonian trip is absolutely amazing, and worthy of your time.
if that doesn’t inspire you to go see a new place, nothing will.

a little closer to home, the ipath team went to utah to skate the slick rock, more well known as a place to mountain bike or flip your jeep than for skateboarding.
really cool and creative stuff.

go do something different today, see something new.

the otc/ burrito bowl in the skateboard mag…

as seen on strange notes dot com.

(that’s yours truly in the background, yellow sweatshirt and beer. autograph line forms to the right.)

(friend the burrito on facebook)

mentor vacation home?

870 square foot shit hole, but i could certainly love that backyard.

happy holidays losers!

more joe.

that last post reminded me of a video joe shot and edited the other week.
caution: some viewers may not be able to handle the stoke.

gif thursday!

just messing around with my new camera shooting some sequences.
here’s joe doing a crailslide on the oververt at hiawatha.
it will take a while to load, so be patient.


navs at otc.

darren navarrette and the creature team stopped by our little otc bowl.
fun was had by all, here is one of the highlights: